Dumortierite delivers the golden vibes of patience! (And we call it “golden” because we know that patience is a rarity in this day and age.)  Yet, this level of patience is delivered through the higher realms of insight and intuition. The gorgeous deep blue healing stone assists you in opening up to and applying the influence of the higher mind, creating a clarity that pierces through the illusions of your life. Are you overwhelmed by perceived drama? Are you feeling sensitive to the influence and projections of those around you? Is your environment stimulating you to an uneasy state? Dumortierite is here to aid you in shifting back to your truthful inner strength through detachment.

Dumortierite is also an excellent stone for receiving divine inspiration and tuning into psychic abilities, allowing the stimulation of spiritual ideas. So, anchor into the chill vibes available to you now and enjoy the ride as your clairvoyance, clairaudience, and clairsentients increase to a heightened state.