Jade was originally called the “Stone of the Lion” in Latin. Its roots were one of strength, being used and optimized for primitive tools. Jade’s properties evolved over time and eventually it became recognized for its beauty and tremendous gem variety. It was a highly esteemed healing stone throughout history. If Jade is your Crystal Ally of the day you are being called to recognize your full potential. Use Jade’s support to anchor into your core strength. Call upon you inner “lion” and use the personal tools you have been gifted to evolve into greater wholeness.

Jade, also known as the “Dream Stone”, may be here with the message that dreaming is not enough. You must be willing to do the work. If you want your dreams to be a reality, roll up those sleeves of yours and make shit happen! Know your life is fertile with opportunities right now, allowing your visions to live. It’s time to unleash your true potential! You got this.