Jewelry Care

We do everything within our means to insure your Kala jewelry has been created with the utmost quality, producing beautiful, long-lasting pieces. However, most valued possessions, including metals, crystals, and gemstones require some special attention in order to maintain their true character. These tips and/or guidance are meant to aid in your new jewelry’s protection and longevity.

General Tips

  • Do NOT wear your jewelry in the shower. Soap Scum can be very damaging.
  • Do NOT wear your jewelry in chlorinated pools of water. (e.g.: hot tubs and swimming pools.) They also can cause immediate damage.
  • Do NOT use chemicals such as perfume, cologne, hair spray etc. while wearing jewelry. They can significantly increase the deterioration of quality. Simply try removing jewelry while using such products.
  • Do NOT store your jewelry in hot environments. Humidity drastically increases tarnishing.
  • Use natural fiber pouches to store your jewelry in when you are not wearing them.
  • Use metal cleaning cloths to periodically remove any built up residue.

Magnetic Clasp Care
Magnetic clasps are a favorite at Kala for their easy-wear ability. Please note it is important during removal that you place your fingers as close to the actual clasp as possible and gently pull. Continuous “tugging” on the actual beads can, over time, cause the necklace to become loose or even break.

Tarnish Care
We specifically use gold-filled and sterling silver metals to prevent tarnishing. But, if not treated properly, even these metals will tarnish. Follow these quick notes to prevent this from happening.

  • Do NOT shower with your jewelry on.
  • Do NOT swim in chlorinated pools while wearing jewelry.
  • Store in a non-humid environment.
  • Keep in protective pouch.
  • Do NOT wear while using chemical such as perfume, cologne, hairspray etc.
  • Wipe thoroughly with metal cleaning cloths periodically.

Gemstone/Crystal Care
General Tips and Tarnish Care also apply for Gemstone & Crystal Care, please reference. However, being that they are energy carrying healing elements of Mother Earth, they also have an additional set of care suggestions.

  • Take time to cleanse your pieces. Being that they can pick up and carry energy, clearing out their field and re-charging them on occasion is advised. Some options include: running them under clean cool water, setting them out on a crystal grid or with other larger crystals, sage them, or (our favorite) placing them out under a full or bright moon.
  • If none of the above mentioned cleansing methods are available simply hold the items in your hands, while breathing consciously, and set the intention to clear/charge their energy.
  • Keep them in a positive and clean environment, stored in natural fibers when not being worn.
  • The honor and respect your possessions receive instigate their energetic presence and sacredness. Practice this awareness.
  • Most importantly wear them with consciousness. Your awareness and connection to their properties strengthens your bridge to healing and evolving.


Intention Setting/Programming your Crystals & Gemstones
Although crystals and gemstones have come to be defined with Universal symbolisms and metaphysical healing properties, which we have interpreted and provided for all our pieces, they also can be programmed to carry your own personal intentions. If there is something specific you are setting out for, need healing of, or intending to manifest in your life, etc., take the time to meditate with your pieces. While doing so envision these intentions in your minds eye, imagine yourself in the healed or evolved state you wish to call into your life and future.

At any time you can repeat this process and reset the “programmed” intentions or add to them. Remember, you are the master creator of your life and these sacred times of focused clarity, paired with healing tools are bonafide ways to build those dreams of yours.