Our Heart

Rather than start at the beginning, like most stories do, it makes more sense for “Our Story” to start in the middle. After years of investing in Kala (time, energy, blood, sweat, tears…you name it!) some unforeseen life changes forced us to take a step back. It became clear we were starting to get caught up in the “hustle’ of business. The mind and ego love to take control, especially when it comes to “work” (yes, even for those on the conscious path, as we are). So we sat down to realign as a company, as co-workers, and as friends; to reconnect with our truth. We decided to strip it all the way down to the core of what was genuinely important to us: why we wanted to do Kala in the first place. We each made a simple list to compare and the most beautiful thing happened. We all chose the exact same reasons! These components became, and remain, the most essential part of Kala. They are our core and our commitment. They are our heart.

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