The Love 

At Kala we believe when love is truly poured into something, you can see it, feel it, and even taste it (when applicable ha). We naturally do this, because Kala is our own love-filled passions expressed into material forms. In every detail and every component of our creations and business decisions we commit to being rooted in love. It is our beginning, our end, our everything in-between, and our ultimate life goals to maintain the vibration of love. As an additional part of our conscious creative process we infuse all our pieces with the Reiki-love of a Reiki Master. Lastly, may we offer you a reminder of an expanded truth, “There is only Love.”

The Difference 

At the seed of our creation is product knowledge. We are aware that the elements and materials we wear affect our overall vibrations. Therefore we are committed to using high quality material; from the metals we choose to the healing grade stones we use. Our products not only look and feel beautiful, but are meant to increase overall harmony. You can learn more about the stones and what they offer by visiting our Stone Meanings page.

Keepin’ it Green 

Whenever possible, Kala uses recycled material, natural fibers, and non-altered elements. We seek out sources that are Earth-friendly and green-minded. We support local businesses. We invest in the development of artisan culture. Basically, we are committed to the honor, respect, and integrity we wholeheartedly believe in.


Kala is derived from the original Sanskrit spelling of the term Kalachakra. It is a highly-respected initiation process in Tibetan Buddhism, known as the “wheel of time.” In translation, it represents the spiritual and material life of man; the elements, the emptiness of the void, and the pregnant seed of creation. From Kala’s symbol (an edited version of the mandala) to Kala’s mission and style, our roots stem from the Kalachakra.