The Enlightened Chieftess


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This distinguished Cheiftess carries the Sacred knowledge of our greatest and most respected ancestors. She is a celestial being of Light, descended to Earth in order to radiate love and truth within the shadows, integrity & honor among the disgraced, and compassionate wisdom for the foolish.

She is an invaluable leader for her people, which is all of mankind. A protector of the animal kingdom, she is able to channel their gifts and speak their languages. A servant to the Greater Good and Mother Earth, she faces a life of extraordinary sacrifice. Yet, in the honoring of her destined and most arduous path, she will transcend into Enlightenment, eventually sustaining an unworldly state of blissful Joy.


Sterling Silver & Gemstone Hand-Made Stone Inlay Native American Pendant. Sterling Silver Boxed Rolo Chain. Sterling Silver Magnetic Clasp.


18” Length Chain. 1.5″ Mandala Pendant.

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