Turquoise Charm Bracelet




Element- Air, Fire

“Go and Get Your Spirit Om” Honor your divinity with this ancient and sacred stone. It is known for its ability to support communication of personal truth and manifestation of wholeness. “Om” is a symbol representing divinity and encompasses all that is or ever will be, leaving itself as the perfect enhancement to Turquoise’s properties. Turquoise also brings clarity in the spiritual journey and reminds us that every aspect of self, light or dark, “good” or “bad”, are all aspects of the divine source. This might make Turquoise our favorite stone here at Kala, after all, what fun would life be if we didn’t honor all aspects of self?


Grade AAA 8mm African Turquoise, Sterling silver bead and charms, & stretch cord.


Wrist Size: 6, 6.5, 7,  7.5 inches.

To choose your size we suggest measuring your wrist, adding a 1/2″, and selecting the closest size (rounding up is usually the best selection if you fall in the middle of two sizes).


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Size (inches)

6, 6.5, 7, 7.5