Kala Spotlight: Shaina Miller

Kula, this is Shaina. Shaina- Kula.

Shaina is one “epic” chick (to quote an adjective she uses frequently that also happens to describe her perfectly). From the second we sat down for our “interview dinner date”, I recall wanting to turn on the recorder because there isn’t much about her, or much that came out of her mouth, that wasn’t worth noting. Yet, the best way to begin, would be sharing a classic “how we met” story.

A friend invited me to join them for a drink after a long night at work. At the time I was on a 40-day detox which included abstaining from alcohol, basically ruling out all social occasions bar-side.  I remember not really wanting to go. But last second, I ended up making a quick stop at a Delray Beach trendy hot spot, known for its craft cocktails and Mexican comfort food. It was one of those unexpected choices that served a “bigger-picture purpose” and you just don’t realize it at the time.

Shaina was there with a couple girlfriends and had struck up a conversation with her bar neighbors, which, of course, happened to be the couple of guys I was there to meet. I was immediately magnetized to her radiant smile, bright blue eyes, bubbly and expressive personality, and overall feelings of legit good vibes. We hit it off and the unraveling of our stories began. There always seems to be this instantaneous connection and openness that occurs between two people who are on the love- consciousness wave length.

As I would come to find out, she was about to partake on a once-in-a-lifetime courageous adventure. She was backpacking for 3 months in Europe, passing through 12 countries SOLO (this is the part where you “go-on brush your shoulders off”). That was it! She officially owned my heart.

Shaina, the welcoming, radical woman she is, invited me to join her at any time, being what she calls a “traveling companion.” We exchanged information and went our separate ways. I never made it to Europe to meet her, but it was far from the end for us.

The Kala Spotlight itself was created in part through her inspiration. As this concept came to me in mediation, it was her beautiful image and bright spirit that danced into my vision. So I reached out, threw the idea at her, and on a whim, she said YES!!  She truly does embody a Kala Girl and so much of what I adore and aspire for in life. This interview was confirmation of that.

There is no way to include every detail of her awesomeness in this blog post. There is also no way for words to fully capture a screenshot of this remarkable soul, but I will do my best.

I could go on and on, really… she is an inspiring “outside of the box” Art teacher (known in her school as “The Berkeley Room”), a Reggae DJ, which she implements into her teachings, offering DJ classes at the local Private School (Yes, DJ classes for kids!!), and a newly certified Yoga instructor.

She gives kudos to her father for her roots in art, who is also “an epic human being”. He was an artist who made it a life goal to “make art fun again”, working in a factory by day and finding creative expression by night. She remembers jumping in his VW Van as a child and excitingly asking him, “Where are we going this weekend Dad?”, clearly planting the spontaneous gypsy seed in her at a young age. To quote her, “My introduction to art was a neon fanny pack full of colored pencils hiking through the wilderness drawing with my dad.” (This would be the part where I drop the mic if there was one!!)

I inquired if she also taught Art History or just the many different modalities of Art. At this point I was so enamored by her, I got lost in personal curiosity, forgetting all about any premeditated questions. Her response was unexpected and honestly blew me away, “A little bit, but my feeling is this: I think education is changing. I think anything you can look up on google you shouldn’t teach…I don’t think google can teach kids how to be confident in their own work, but I can…”

She went to college as a professional Snowboarder, uprooting her family to chase her dreams. Basically, give her a board and she can ride.

She is a true Earth-loving gypsy spirit. Even as we sat for our “interview” she was in prep mode for her next expedition, touching down in Whistler for some shredding with friends, followed by 5 days alone in the wild raw terrain of Alaska because she would be in the neighborhood. And clearly that’s the logical thing to do (if you’re as badass as she is).

Then there’s the fact that she recently purged all her belongings in order to fit her entire life on a sailboat. She made it a point to reference the “Japanese Art of Tidying” by Quan Yary* as a recent game changer in her life and at the root of her recent downsizing. So if you’re reading this, go get the book. Surely it can only make your life better.

She casually references her personal Guru in conversation. Because, this is a common thing right? We all have that one friend that finally attained enlightenment. Don’t we? Oh wait, none of us have that friend. Well, note to self, I am officially in the market for a Guru. Can you get one of those on Amazon!??

Shaina is a fire sign birthed into the stars as an Aries. Yet, as she chose her element for Kala, she fell right into the Sun. She never fully resonated with some of the fiery characteristics of an Aries, but she eventually correlated fire with the Sun and finally felt at home. It truly suits her perfectly. She is so much more than a long list of really cool shit. Her talents are just icing on the cake. This girl SHINES. She is a true beacon of light. It’s impossible to miss.

As such, Shaina’s blog, where she shares her many travels and expanded perceptions, is so perfectly called Honey Butter in the Sun. (Check her out: www.honeybutterinthesun.com ) This also makes her the muse for our newest necklace, Honey Butter Sun Choker (found here<link>).

Of course I had to save the best for last. When I asked her what her goal in life was, she responded, “To be love.” This, which is also happens to be my life goal, pushed my adoration for her over the top. It is in moments like these that I feel so happy for the future of Earth, knowing that souls as astounding as hers are out there spreading love.

This is a Kala Girl…
Kula- Shaina. Shaina- Kula.